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Australian Carbon Traders was established in 2004 to meet the growing demand for emissions trading and carbon management, with a focus on the agricultural sector.

Australian Carbon Traders has particular experience in forestry projects and other customised services to large and small business, aiming to assist landholders in understanding and taking control of their own carbon farming projects.

ACT specialises in the development and implementation of forest and agricultural carbon projects, the management of complex carbon sequestration pools, forest project assessments and registration, and methodology development.

Australian Carbon Traders operates as an Agency, Advisory and Aggregation service to assist landholders to develop, market and trade their carbon. At no time does ACT own or control the carbon rights or the project.

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Welcome to Australian Carbon Traders
Australian Carbon Traders provides landholders with the tools and skills to plan, establish, register and manage their forest projects.  The online service includes a personal control panel where landholders can manage their forest sinks.

ACT also offers landholders:
   - offset aggregation services for
   - offset sales and management
   - project development
   - forest sink management
   - project planning/design

Australian Carbon Traders provides a range of services to businesses wishing to invest in forest sinks to offset their emissions or to generate income.  We have a range of projects available which can be viewed through the Australian Farm Abatement Registry (AFAR).

ACT also offers investors:
   - forest project development
   - carbon sequestration analysis
   - complete forest project
   - project administration
   - policy analysis
   - emissions trading

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Businesses wishing to offset their emissions will get an unprecedented level of service from Australian Carbon Traders.  Australian Carbon Traders provides a systematic and cooperative process to source offsets best suited to your business needs.

ACT also offers business:
   - development of business offset profile
   - offset matching
   - policy analysis
   - emissions trading
   - emission reduction strategies
   - staff and executive training

ACT can assist businesses in understanding the impacts of climate change and carbon on business systems.

The information in these web pages is provided as a guide only and readers are advised to seek specialised advice.
Australian Carbon Traders is a fully Australian owned and operated business.
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